Business Profile

The Company business profile in compliance with Article 6 of HCM S.A.'s Statute, consolidated text implemented by the decision of the General Shareholders Assembly (Notary Act, Review A No. 27861/2009 dated 10 October  2009) is:

  • Production of Lead, Zinc and Tin (PKD 24.43 Z)
  • Production of other non-ferrous metals (PKD 24.45 Z)
  • Production of non-organic chemicals (PKD 20.13 Z)
  • Production of precious metals (PKD 24.41 Z)
  • Generation and supply of steam, hot water and air for air conditioning systems (PKD 35.30 Z)
  • Collection of hazardous waste (PKD 38.12. Z)
  • Research and development in other fields of natural and technical sciences (PKD 72.19.Z)
  • Production of Copper (PKD 24.44. Z)
  • Forestry and other forest related operations excluding production of forest products (PKD 02.10.Z)
  • Rental and management of owned or leased real estate (PKD 68.20.Z)