Our History

Huta Cynku “Miasteczko Slaskie” Shareholding Company (HCM S.A.) is located in the forest area near the town of Miasteczko Slaskie, well outside residential areas.

Construction work on HCM S.A. started in 1960 based on the licence by the Imperial Smelting Processes in Bristol, UK.

The production process is based on a shaft furnace in which Zinc and Lead are obtained within a single technological line.

On 15 July 1966 a start up of the first Waelz kiln for production of Zinc oxides took place, and the first casting of Zinc and tapping of Lead was done on 23 October 1968.

The first stage of  HCMS.A.'s construction was completed in 1972. This stage included the Zinc Oxide Plant and the Metallurgical Complex I composed of the Sinter Plant, Acid Plant, Shaft Furnace and the Lead Refinery.

In 1979 the second stage of construction was completed with the Metallurgical Complex II composed of the Sinter and Acid Plant II and Shaft Furnace II.

In 1979 the construction of Huta, as the first metallurgical plant of this type, was completed.

The original erection act for HCM S.A. was the Regulation by the Minister for Heavy Industry No. 186 dated 10 December 1960 regarding the establishing of a state owned company under the name of  >Huta cynku. „Miasteczko Slaskie” under construction<, and on the grounds of this act, the Company started as of 1 January 1961.

In the years 1985 – 1989, HCM S.A. was part of a multi-plant operation under the name of Gorniczo – Hutniczy Kombinat Metali Niezelaznych (Non-Ferrous Metals Mining and Smelting Conglomerate) in Katowice established pursuant to Regulation No. 19/ORG/85 by the Minister for Smelting and Machinery Industry of  8 July 1985, divided into separate companies by Regulation No. 445/ORG/89 by the Minister of Industries dated 29 December  1989.  The Company headquarters are located in Miasteczko Slaskie, Silesia District (revision of the Erection Act No. 20/ORG/95 by the Minister of Commerce and Industry of 23 March  1995).

The founding body for the company is the Minister of the Treasury.

On 1 September 1997, a new investment task was launched under the name “Construction of Zinc Refinery”. Towards the end of 1999 the investment was completed and put into operation.

The total construction cost of the Refinery was USD 20’000’000.

The Zinc Refinery completed in 1999 secured the production of Zinc in qualities fully compliant with the standards imposed by the European Union.
HCM S.A. in Miasteczko Slaskie as a state owned company was transformed into a shareholding company by the Commercialisation Act of 18 December 2003. The Company was registered in the District Court in Gliwice, 10th Commercial Department under KRS: 0000197025 through the Court Decision of 2 March 2004 (case reference GL.X Ns-Rej.KRS/640/4/902).


The scope of HCM S.A.'s operations is the production and sale of:

  • Refined Zinc in brands:
    • Special High Grade - 99,995 % Zn (according to PN-EN 1179 - Z1)
    • Good Ordinary Brand - 98,5 % Zn (according to PN-EN 1179 - Z5)
  • Casting alloys with Aluminium addition – CGG 0,4 through 0,8
  • Refined Lead PN – EN  12659 „Lead and Lead Alloys”,
  • Lead alloys – order based
  • Dore Metal - 98,5% Ag
  • Sulphuric Acid
  • Refined Cadmium – 99,99% Cd.

In 2008 a gas desulphurisation plant was commissioned to treat the sinter plant off-take gas, which allowed for processing oxide and waste materials and residues. Also, in consideration of requirements from customers, preparation works are carried out for the expansion of the installation in order to increase the proportion of SHG and CGG Zinc. We do not contain to   implementing new technologies, the superior target upon expansions is the ecological effect.

Huta is one of the leading producers of Zinc in the Polish market. Annual production is in the range of 70 thousand tons of refined Zinc and 25 thousand tons of refined Lead .

Huta has an established position for its products in the domestic market.

Major customers for our products are the following industries:

  • Electrochemical
  • Smelting and refining
  • Metals
  • Chemistry

By using expertise and skills of our personnel, implementing latest technologies, not harming the environment – we produce highest quality products competitive in the domestic and the outside markers at the optimal cost level.

In 1998 Huta was granted the Quality System Certificate PN ISO 9002 compliant, subsequently prolonged by a re-certifying audit. In March 2004 another re-certifying audit took place for PN ISO 9001:2000 compliance. The resulting certificates guaranty high and sustainable quality of our products to our customers and they build the perception of a reliable partner in the long term and thus contribute to an important and lasting position in the market of non-ferrous metals producers by meeting customers’ needs and requirements to the furthest extent possible.